Todd Scott, National Level NPC Middleweight Bodybuilder, Competition Prep Coach, and Personal Trainer

Todd Scott, NPC National Level Middleweight Bodybuilder, Competition Prep Coach, and Personal Trainer Todd Scott, NPC National Level Middleweight Bodybuilder, Competition Prep Coach, and Personal Trainer Todd Scott, NPC National Level Middleweight Bodybuilder, Competition Prep Coach, and Personal Trainer


A few testimonials from my competitors and personal training clients. Hopefully, you'll find inspiration in these personal success stories, and feel motivated to contact me to get you started on your goals of health and well being or competitive challenges.

Melissa Fillmore

After losing 70 plus pounds and 30% body fat, I found myself getting back into destructive habits. I watched the weight slowly creep back up. This was all while promoting a healthy lifestyle and becoming a personal trainer. I had been successful, but I needed a new goal.

Todd Scott became my trainer, my mentor, my coach and my friend. His knowledge and experience is incredible. I learned to trust his ability to know just what to do to change my body through nutrition and exercise. I became the best "me" I had ever been. Standing on stage as Overall Figure Champion at only my second competition, I couldn't have been more proud to recognize my coach. Todd believes in me, and I look forward to our next goal.....Nationals!

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Ashley Steward

Throughout my life, health and fitness had come and gone. Sometimes I'd stick to it, but most of the time I wouldn't which led to crash dieting, gaining more weight than I ever imagined possible, and watching myself spiral out of control. In June of 2009, I decided I could no longer go on living the way I was. I started exercising again and tried my best to clean up my diet. Over time, some of the weight fell off, but I realized I needed something more. I had hit my ‘goal weight’ but looked nothing like I had anticipated myself looking and was very unhappy. I began binging again and knew I needed help.

That's when I met Todd Scott. After meeting me, Todd completely revamped my diet and changed my workouts. He listened to me whine, pushed me through my doubt, and brought me back to reality when I’d burst into tears. He has been nothing but supportive and encouraging, and I appreciate all that he does for me. After working with Todd for 16 weeks, I competed in my first figure competition and took 3rd in my class. Because of Todd, I was able to qualify for nationals in the first show I ever competed in. Todd saw, and continues to see potential in me than I ever even dreamed for myself. He has been a great trainer, friend and motivator.

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Jacques Pitcher

After my spring shows in 2010 I took a hard look at what I had accomplished on my own. That year I took 1st place at three shows in a row but was far from happy with the way my physique looked. I needed to fill out my frame and bring in better conditioning. I had been a good consistent local/regional level bodybuilder but I wanted to change that; I wanted to step on the national stage with the best in the country- something I wasn’t sure I could accomplish. I’m a prep coach myself so I know the value and power the proper guidance, an objective eye and accountability can give a competitor. You just can’t push your workouts and diet the way you need to reach your full potential by yourself. I spent a lot of time looking for the right coach and found everything I wanted in Todd Scott.

We started in Nov of 2010 and worked a year toward a regional national qualifier and then the 2011 Nationals. Todd was able to push me far past what I thought my physical limits were while still making everything feel safe. I had past injuries and issues that not only was he able to work around but improved them. He analyzed what I needed to improve and we accomplished everything we set out to do. There were muscles that were my weak parts that became strong points on a well balanced physique!

The off season and pre-contest diets were like nothing I had done before and it was amazing how they transformed me. Todd was able to motivate me far beyond what I thought was possible. In general I don’t like being told what to do by anyone but I felt accountable to Todd like I never have to anyone- very powerful. Over that year I grew bigger than expected while keeping the leanest I ever have off season and was able to start the pre-contest diet 6 weeks later than it usually take to start!

For the national qualifier show I took 1st place but more importantly I was very proud of what I looked like- It was the first time I was actually in awe of was accomplished. Five weeks later I was in Miami at Nationals- I was the most calm and confident I have ever felt competing. Looking at my pictures I’m still amazed how conditioned Todd was able to get me. There was no hesitation to stick with Todd for another full year of prep for Nationals again- Bigger and better, this year we’ll be doing some damage! Todd has been the key to fulfilling the upper limits of my potential!

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Kristine Pitcher

My 2011 contest season came to a successful close after competing in the Night of the Champions on October 1st. It was an amazing experience after 22 weeks of dieting, following a year of off season prep working on making gains. I owe this success to working with Todd Scott.

Todd’s ability to put together a strategic and individualized plan, see your potential, and push you beyond where you thought you could go make him an exceptional prep coach. His willingness to work collaboratively with Jacques and I through off season as well as prep made an amazingly successful team.

Being able to share ideas, and make adjustments along the way in diet, training and posing make working with Todd a very inclusive process. Through that, he has truly become a great friend. My success is as much his as it is my own.

The day of the show was exceptional. I won the open lightweight class. Weighing in at 120.6 pounds, I met my goal of coming in heavier than last year by almost 3 pounds. While that doesn't seem like much, it makes a big difference for the female bodybuilder.

Mixed pairs was also a lot of fun. We always put a lot of energy (worry) into our routine. Jacques and I won mixed pairs building on our success.

The finale would be winning overall. It is a great honor to earn the title of overall women's champion. The MC even handed the mic over to me and I had a chance to thank Todd who made this such a successful year.

Todd’s no nonsense approach, attention to the details that matter and true enthusiasm and love for the sport come through in his honest approach to contest prep. At 14 weeks out, I’m on track and excited for what this season holds in store for me. I look forward to sharing my continued success with Todd.

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Anthony Burks

Todd Scott is an amazing trainer! I myself have been a personal trainer for over 8 years. I had always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition, but never had the self discipline nor the specific knowledge to properly diet and prepare for a show. That's when I hired Todd Scott! He trained me for 4 months off-season, then had me diet for 16 weeks before stepping on stage. I lost 62 lbs!!! I went from 254 lbs. to 192 lbs. in 16 weeks. I never could have done it without Todd. He helped me with every aspect of my training program every step of the way. He always made me feel like I was his only client and was there for me on the day of the show backstage. I am a better trainer now to my own clients because of everything I learned from training with him. Thanks Todd!!!

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